For over 10 Years, Distinction Plumbing and Gas has serviced many residential and commercial customers. Their 24/7 Emergency Call out service will give you peace of mind that we will fix your plumbing emergency at any time of the day or night.

All our work is guaranteed – only Licenced and Insured Plumbers will attend your job - and are delivered compliant to the highest standards. We endeavour to be transparent with our pricing often giving quotes over the phone to ensure our customers are well informed.

No job is too big or too small.

Domestic services include:

  • Taps
  • Toilets
  • Instillation of Laundry Appliances and Dishwashers
  • All household water connections
  • Carbon monoxide testing for heaters

Hot Water Unit Maintenance and Repair

Same Day Service for hot water system replacement! Distinction Plumbing and Gas can repair electric, gas and water systems.

Gas Fitting and Repair

Our licenced team of tradesmen can repair and replace safely with minimal disturbance to you. Gas Connections, gas leak detection and all gas appliance installations are complete with confidence by our qualified technicians.

Water Pipe Repair

From underground pipes to rusted or damaged pipes, or faulty connections – we can fix all your plumbing problems.

Leak Detection

Distinction Plumbing and Gas use the latest technologies to identify the source of the problem in any leaky pipes.

Detection using CCTV

Distinction Plumbing and Gas’s CCTV camera technology allows us to see deep into drainage and sewerage pipes to exactly locate when the blockage is occurring and what is causing it. The result of this is quick and efficient detection of the problem.

Unblocking of Sewerage and Storm Water Drainage Detection using CCTV

Distinction Plumbing and Gas uses CCTV camera technology to efficiently detect all blockages and problem areas that need to be fixed.

Unblocking using High Pressure Water Jetting

A most efficient and effective way to unblock pipes, this process cuts through tree roots, rubbish, grime and all other objects that would be creating blockage.

Bathroom/Kitchen renovations

Distinction Plumbing and Gas is proud to deliver amazing bathroom and kitchen renovations that create better living areas in your home.

Quality, Affordable and Functional bathroom and kitchen renovations are within your reach – call us today on to find out more and get a quote.

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